Why is cold so healthy?

Versatile effects can be achieved with whole-body cooling. From reducing inflammation and pain to increasing performance and helping to burn calories. The therapeutic effect of cold has long been known in the field of professional sports and is used to increase regeneration and performance. This therapy can also help you with complaints such as rheumatism and arthritis. Overall, the focus is on the self-healing process, which can be optimised with the application.

How does a treatment proceed?

No special clothing is needed for the application. We will provide you with socks, overshoes, gloves and a towel. You can leave your own underwear on. The EISSAUNA® has a lift system which guarantees an adjustment to the individual body size. The treatment lasts about 3 minutes. Nitrogen is injected into the chamber and envelops the body in dry cold. The head is not exposed to the nitrogen.

Is the treatment safe to use?

The cold treatment takes place in a safe and controlled environment. The entire application is monitored. As the head is not directly exposed to the cold nitrogen, the lungs and airways are protected. Persons suffering from vasoconstriction or circulatory disorders (risk of heart attack or circulatory disorders of the hands and feet) cannot be recommended to use EISSAUNA®. We take the time to go through a contraindication list with you during every initial consultation about whole-body cold therapy.

Are children also allowed in the EISSAUNA®?

Children aged 14 and over are also welcome to experience the EISSAUNA®.

Is there anything that needs to be observed or brought along?

We recommend that you do not apply fresh cream or shave the skin before the treatment. Watches and jewellery as well as all metallic objects must be taken off or covered with a plaster if they touch the skin directly.