Infusion Therapy with High-Dose Vital Substances

A high level of stress from work, family and everyday life leads to a deficit of important vitamins and minerals and also to an increase in the cortisol level.

Metabolic processes are brought back into balance in a targeted manner through infusions. Vitality, physical performance and regulation abilities can be maintained or restored.

A treatment with individualized, antioxidant infusions is particularly suitable for states of exhaustion, for the prophylaxis and therapy of infections, for building up, strengthening and regenerating the entire organism. This creates a stable and strong defense system in the long term.


Intravenous intake of vitamins, more effective and individual than taking tablets


No stress on the stomach, no intolerance, no loss of effectiveness due to hydrochloric acid or enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract


A total of 10 courses 1–2 times a week, should be repeated every 6 months


Infusions enable a loss-free and direct absorption of vital substances. The gastrointestinal tract is deliberately bypassed, thus ensuring direct control. Through the intravenous administration as an infusion, the active ingredients land directly in the blood and are available for all tissues and the organism can call them up as required. With the help of a thin needle under the skin (subcutis), the small blood vessels pick up the infusion solutions and pass them on into the bloodstream.

  • Promotion of drive, dynamism and joie de vivre through concentrated administration of vitamin C (endorphin formation)
  • Support of the immune system (combination of vitamin C and vitamin B complex)
  • Stimulation of iron and calcium absorption and utilization by vitamin C
  • Increase in the energy balance through increased metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fats, especially through administration of the vitamin B complex
  • Harmonization in the psychological area through the combined administration of vitamin B complex as well as magnesium and bicarbonate
  • Muscular relaxation and relaxation through the combined administration of magnesium and bicarbonate immune optimization infusion (help with tension, muscle, joint and spinal column pain)
  • Balance in the acid-base balance (latent acidosis) through the combined administration of basic magnesium and bicarbonate (help with headaches, joint problems, heartburn, gastritis, metabolic disorders up to and including mental sourness)