Improvement of the blood supply to all the cells of the internal organs and skin

Plasmapheresis (plasma exchange) is a procedure in which the liquid component of the blood (plasma) is removed from blood cells by a special device called cell separator.

This separator either spins the blood at a high speed to separate the cells from the liquid or passes the blood through a membrane with pores so small that only the liquid part of the blood can penetrate.

The cells are then returned to the patient while the plasma containing antibodies is discarded and replaced with other fluids. Medication preventing blood clotting (anticoagulants) are infused during the procedure.

Can be used for:

  • Immune Boosting
  • Metabolism Regulation
  • Tissue Protein Activation
  • Subsidence of Inflammation and Edema
  • Improvement of the Blood Supply to all the Cells of the Internal Organs and Skin
  • Normalize the functioning of the digestive system (pancreas, intestines)
  • Liver Function Improvement
  • Kidney Function Improvement
  • General Health and Stress-resistance Improvement
  • Skin Structure and Complexion Improvement and Refreshment (external effect resulting from refreshment of internal organs and systems)